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Fans of IGPX - fanworks, discussions, etc.
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Welcome to the very first IGPX community ever to exist on livejournal! I'm Misty, your friendly mod, and this is an all-around IGPX community, meaning that pretty much everything is allowed. Fanworks (including art, fiction, icons, banners, etc.) and discussions (about episodes, characters, pairings, etc.) are encouraged. All types of pairings are allowed.

Read the rules so I won't have to come after you!


+ All fanart and fanfiction should be placed under a cut.
+ If you are posting more than three icons, they must be placed under a cut.
+ Lock all entries that contain downloads to episodes or music.

Moderator: overstreets
Co-mod: sad_melody

Layout created by: liz_niz, winner of the IGPX layout contest.
Userinfo banner created by: velshtein.

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